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Partner Program

Ch is a platform for all third party C/C++ applications. The SoftIntegration Partner Program is one of our most important strategies. We value our partners because of the value they add to our products, services, and concepts. The focus of the program is to form partnerships that create comprehensive, long-term solutions designed to meet our joint customers' unique business needs.

We cultivate relationships with selected strategic partners whose innovative, industry-leading technologies and practices complement our core SoftIntegration product suite.

Creating best-of-breed solutions is easy when great partners work together. SoftIntegration Partner Program forges and maintains relationships that focus on the success of everyone involved.

The partner alliance can make a unique and unbeatable win-win for both Softintegration and our partners.

System Integrators or Strategic Consultants deliver or implement the complete turnkey solution to the customer. With in-depth knowledge of implementing SoftIntegration product suite, they enable the customer's application to be deployed quickly and customized with an increase in ROI.

Technology Partners are industry-leading vendors that complement the SoftIntegration product offering. Technology Partners work closely with SoftIntegration to ensure product compatibility and to develop and implement joint marketing programs to support our complementary product offerings. This program ensures that SoftIntegration customers receive the best-of-breed technology solutions for the creation of software applications for their business partners and trading communities.

Platform Partners consist of companies that manufacture and/or develop hardware platforms or operating systems which are supported by the SoftIntegration product suite. Platform partners provide the foundation for SoftIntegration's One Language for All™ solution.

Value Added Reseller (VAR) resells the SoftIntegration product suite with their value-added applications.

Reseller resells the SoftIntegration product suite.

Book Authors write books related to and based on SoftIntegration products. Your books will be promoted on our web site. You can also get the support from the SoftIntegration by joining our book writting program to make sure that all sample code in your textbook can run in Ch without compilation. To join our book writing program, please send us detailed information about your book project, book summary description, authors, previous written books if applicable, and your detailed contact information including the company/school address, your title and phone number.

Should you have any interests in the SoftIntegration Partner Program, please contact our Partner Program Department at

SoftIntegration Partners