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Ch Memcached package
Ch Memcached Package is an open source Ch binding to libMemcached. It contains the source code for creating the binding. libMemcached is a C/C++ client library for the memcached server.

Ch Memcached package has been tested with libmemcached version 0.31 (bundled with CentOS 6.0) and 0.51 in linux. It should work in other unix platforms. Windows platfrom has not been tested. It requires to have ch and libMemcached installed to work.

Since libMemcached version 0.31 and 0.51 is quite different, we keep the binding source code seperate. Ch Memcached package 0.51 should work with the version libMecached 0.51 and above version.

Download Ch Memcached Package

Ch libMemcached system requirement LibMemcached 0.31 LibMemcached 0.51 or above
Unix Ch LibMemcached Package 1.0 for version 0.31 Ch LibMemcached Package 1.0 for version 0.51

Instructions to create and install chmemcached package

You can follow the readme inside the package to install.

To create the Ch memcached package, the following command creates
all package binding files under chmemcached/ directory.

 make or ./

To install the Ch memcached package, run the command below. chmemcached or make install

To Uninstall -u chmemcached or make uninstall