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SoftIntegration Releases Ch® 2.0 --- C Virtual Machine with Classes for Rapid Application Development

DAVIS, Calif., October 2, 2001 - SoftIntegration, Inc., the leader of scripting technology for ubiquitous computing, today announced the release of Ch version 2.0, a C virtual machine with classes. Ch is the most complete C interpreter in existence. It can avoid lengthy compile/link/execute/debug cycles for application development. Ch supports C90, POSIX, and socket/WinSock with over 1,000 functions. Ch is the first implementation of complex numbers and variable length arrays (VLAs) in the latest 1999 C standard. Programs using complex type defined in C99 and complex classes in C++ can readily run in Ch without modification.

"Script computing is the future," says Dr. Harry H. Cheng, the inventor of the Ch language environment. "The programming paradigm has shifted from non-portable, domain specific programming to portable and rapid application development, from proprietary languages to open languages and from system programming languages to scripting languages. Ch allows C/C++ programmers to learn one language, and use it anywhere for almost any programming purpose."

Ch has many high-level extensions to C, including classes in C++, very high-level shell programming, cross-platform Ch applets, generic functions, string type, computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix computations, user-friendly 2D/3D graphic plotting, classes for Common Gateway Interface (CGI), and advanced high-level numerical functions for linear systems, differential equation solving, integration, non-linear equations, Fourier analysis, etc. For example, linear equation b = A*x can be written verbatim in Ch. The user does not need to worry about the underlying optimization with fast and accurate numerical algorithms.

"Ch is the first implementation, portable to different platforms, of major new features of complex numbers, variable length arrays (VLAs), and IEEE floating-point arithmetic added in C99," notes Tom MacDonald, the former chair of the ANSI C Standard Committee J11. "I have to mention how impressed I am with both the quality of Ch and how complete the environment is. It took a lot of vision to put all of Ch together like it is. I like many high-level extensions such as string type, computational arrays, and shell programming in Ch. I had recently ported code written over years in C shell, Perl and Python to Ch. The porting was very simple and straightforward."

"Ch is gospels to engineers," adds Professor Gary Wang at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering of the University of Manitoba, Canada. "I installed Ch 2.0 on my desktop and just wrote a few simple lines of Ch code, all my large legacy C/C++ programs written for Unix start to work gracefully on a PC without tweaking up codes and going through the tedious compile and link cycle. Ch with graphical plotting and advanced numerical features is an ideal tool for teaching engineering courses with numerical computations."

Ch is an alternative to other scripting languages and mathematical software packages for cross-platform shell programming to automate tasks, regression test, system administration, real-time interactive computing, rapid prototyping, 2D/3D plotting, scientific numerical computing, and Web development. Ch is also a very effective interactive environment to teach and learn programming in C with new features in the latest C99 standard and object-based engineering software design with practical applications, as well as to develop materials for distance learning.

Ch is available for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000, Linux, Solaris, and HP-UX. Education/student discounts are available.

About SoftIntegration, Inc.

SoftIntegration, Inc., founded in 1999, is the leader of scripting technology for ubiquitous computing. SoftIntegration provides infrastructure software and services for rapid application development and deployment, and Web-based software integration. Its flagship product -- Ch delivers a powerful C compatible cross-platform scripting language environment. It is the solution for Web programmers, software developers, C/C++ users, engineers and scientists, system administrators, real-time programmers, quality analysts, and instructors and professors.


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