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Intel and SoftIntegration Release Ch OpenCV Package for Computer Vision

DAVIS, Calif., December 6, 2002 - SoftIntegration, Inc., the leader of scripting technology for ubiquitous computing, today announced the release of Ch OpenCV Package. Ch OpenCV is jointly developed by Intel and SoftIntegration as a default interface to OpenCV binary library and included as open source in the distribution of OpenCV.

Ch is a cross-platform C/C++ interpreter. Ch OpenCV Package is Ch binding to Intel's OpenCV open-source C library.

OpenCV was originally developed by Intel to provide a free and open infrastructure where the distributed efforts of the vision community can be consolidated and performance optimized. This open source library is mainly aimed at real-time computer vision. OpenCV can be used for human-computer interaction (HCI); object identification, segmentation and recognition; face recognition; gesture recognition; motion tracking, ego motion, motion understanding; structure from motion (SFM); monitoring; biometrics; and mobile robotics.

With Ch OpenCV package, all C programs using OpenCV library can readily run without tedious compiling and linking cycles. OpenCV applications can take advantage of built-in 2D/3D graphical plotting and advanced numerical functions in Ch. More complex applications can be designed and deployed together with other software modules such as Ch OpenGL, Ch GTK, Ch Windows, and Ch X/Motif Toolkits. Moreover, real-time computer vision can be easily accomplished remotely and displayed through the Web dynamically with Ch CGI Toolkit.

"With Ch OpenCV Package, developers can now rapidly prototype applications of computer vision," said Dr. Gary Bradski, Leader Designer and Manager of OpenCV project at Intel, "Ch OpenCV is the integration of easy of use and power, which increases the potential for wide applications of real-time computer vision enormously."

"C/C++ developers have been very impressed with the incredible simplicity of the Ch scripting environment. Ch OpenCV Package allows them to avoid lengthy compile/link/execute/debug cycles for application development.," said Dr. Dawn Cheng, General Manager at SoftIntegration. "With Ch OpenCV, engineers and scientist can perform tasks related to real-time computer vision with high productivity. It is also an ideal environment for teaching and learning computer vision."

Ch OpenCV package is available in Windows. It is free, and bundled and distributed together with the open source code of OpenCV.

Below is an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for image operations generated by one of sample programs distributed in OpenCV. Click the image to view the C source code that is readily to run in Ch.


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