Why Ch?

Why learn C first?

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Why C as your first programming language? Why not other programming or scripting languages?

There are dozens of popular languages used in the industry and academic. You need to be familiar with at least two programming languages to be successful even if your future career is unrelated to programming. We believe knowledge of computer programming in C/C++ is one of the most fundamental skills for today's students. You should learn C first, then pick up a language that is best suited for your need easily. Some other higher-level languages may sound easier to learn but you will be limited with less versatile in the long run if you don't know C. In addition, Ch is a C scritping language. Some advantages and easiness of learning a scripting language can apply to C learners when using Ch.

The reason to learn C from a Ch User James Richards:

"I'm starting to use Ch for scripting and to learn C. I often have to write little scripts and learn more and more of Bash, GNU tools, and Linux to get done what I wasn't. I then thought I wish there was a shell in C, not like the other shells that are strangely called C shells, csh or tcsh, which are not like C. Even though learning C is much harder than Bash or some other scripting language, I realized learning C would have a lot of advantages. A lot, if not most, of open source and other software is written in C and understanding C would unlock all that. Also if I was careful I could write stuff cross platform that would work on Linux and Windows. Now whenever I have to script something I try to do it in C and/or Ch. Ch is a great product. I can do my scripting and learn C at the same time."