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SoftIntegration and NAG Release Ch NAG Statistics Package

DAVIS, Calif., July 14, 2003 - SoftIntegration, Inc. and the Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announce the release of Ch NAG Statistics Package version 1.0. Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of researchers seeking rapid statistical application development, the Ch NAG Statistics Package makes a set of the robust NAG statistical routines available to users of Ch, an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, shell programming, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, and embedded scripting.

Ch NAG Statistics Package makes the rigorously tested statistical routines in the NAG C library available to Ch users without traditional coding and linking. This comprehensive selection of statistical routines can readily use the 2D/3D graphical plotting capabilities of Ch. In addition, with SoftIntegration's free Ch ODBC and Ch CGI toolkit, it is easy to integrate with databases and create web-based applications for statistical analysis with graphical presentation.

"NAG is recognized as a leader in the statistics and math market," said Dr. Dawn Cheng, President of SoftIntegration. "Ch NAG Statistics Package will provide a robust statistics solution for rapid application development and deployment."

"Ch NAG Statistics Package is a high performance solution for those seeking the middle ground between a large statistics package solution and a library," summarized Rob Meyer, President of NAG in North America. "Ch is a higher level, interactive language that allows users to get their applications up and running quickly. The Ch NAG Statistics Package eliminates the large overhead of the statistical packages and gives users the type of flexibility they need in a wide range of applications including finance, market research, quality control, biomedical research, and others."

Key Features

The Ch NAG Statistics Package features routines for:

  1. Correlation and regression, multivariate methods, and analysis of variance;
  2. Random number generation;
  3. Nonparametric statistics, smoothing, contingency table analysis, and survival analysis;
  4. Time series analysis;
  5. Interactive execution of routines for rapid application development and deployment.

Ch NAG Statistics package is based on Ch Professional Edition. It is priced at $499 for commercial users and $199 for academic users. It runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP. Additional platforms may be available through consultation with SoftIntegration.

About SoftIntegration, Inc.

SoftIntegration, Inc., is the leader of scripting technology for ubiquitous computing. SoftIntegration provides infrastructure software and services for rapid application development and deployment, scientific numerical computing, embedded scripting, and Web-based software integration. Our flagship product -- Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter. It is the solution for engineers and scientists, Web programmers, software developers, C/C++ beginners and experts, system administrators, real-time programmers, quality analysts, and instructors and professors.

About NAG.

With over thirty years of experience in developing math, statistical and data mining components, compilers and tools as well as 3D data visualization software, NAG and its products have a worldwide reputation for accuracy, robustness and performance. Over 10,000 organizations spanning the globe rely on NAG's software and services to enhance their applications. NAG software is used by business, industry and education to solve complex problems in areas such as research, engineering, life and earth sciences, and financial analysis. NAG has its headquarters in the UK and has offices in Germany, Japan and North America as well as distributors worldwide.


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