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SoftIntegration Announces Free C/C++ Interpreter Ch Student Edition 6.3

DAVIS, California, June 16, 2011 - SoftIntegration, Inc. has released free Ch Student Edition v6.3 for students to learn computing and programming in C/C++ with a user-friendly interactive C/C++ interpreter.

Ch is an embeddable C/C++ interpreter for cross-platform scripting, 2D/3D plotting, numerical computing, shell programming, and embedded scripting. "We listen to our users and put their requests first," said Dawn Cheng, President of SoftIntegration. "Ch is a great option for instructors to teach math [Algebra], computer-aided problem solving and C/C++ programming in scripting. Making Ch Student Edition free allows our software to be more easily accessible to students in K-12 schools and colleges. "

Major features in Ch Student Edition include:

  • Cross-platform interactive C/C++ interpreter for learning math and C/C++

    Ch supports 1999 ISO C Standard (C99) and C++ classes with over 8,000 functions. Ch is an interpretive implementation of C, similar to Unix/MS-DOS shells. Ch shell is a cross-platform C-compatible shell and it bridges the gap between the C language and shell languages. Ch is an alternative to other scripting languages for learning. C/C++ expressions, statements, functions, and programs can be executed interactively in a Ch command window. Ch can easily integrate with existing C/C++ libraries to create toolkits, i.e., Ch Lego MindStorms Robotics Toolkit can be used for control of Lego robots. Ch Velleman K8055 Package can be used for data acquisition.

  • User-friendly integrated development environment (IDE)

    ChIDE is efficient and lightweight for students. ChIDE is also the most effective IDE for instructors to make interactive classroom presentations to demonstrate different programming features and concepts, and respond to students' questions.

  • 2D/3D graphical plotting and Quick animation

    Ch provides the simplest solution for 2D/3D graphical plotting within the framework of C/C++. It can be used conveniently for visualizing engineering and science problems. QuickAnimation is for quick animation and display of various objects. It can stimulate students' interest in computing and computer programming.

  • Numerical computing

    Ch contains computational arrays for linear algebra and matrix computations. It has built-in type-generic mathematical functions and advanced high-level numerical functions. The linear system equation b = A*x can be written verbatim in Ch. It is the simplest numerical computing within the framework of C/C++. Ch supports C LAPACK, GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library, and GNU Scientific Library.


Ch Student Edition Ch is available in Windows, Linux, and Mac. The teaching lab license for Ch Professional Edition is also available.

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