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Solutions for Embedded Scripting

Embedded Ch allows you to embed or plugin Ch, a powerful script engine, into your C/C++ application programs and hardware. Your C/C++ binary applications can call back into the Ch programs, Ch script functions, or access Ch global variables, etc.

"Our mission is to provide our customers with the best interferometric solutions. Scripting allows our customers to create their own solutions and customizations, based on the core functionality of the system. Embedded Ch is an excellent scripting engine in C/C++. It adds many new scripting features and functions to IntelliWave including advanced automation, data processing, and systems integration with other programs. It extends our customer's ability to conveniently automate IntelliWave for a variety of tasks in different industries. We believe we will significantly reduce the development, maintenance, and training cost when our developers and users use the same language for our interferometric analysis software."

Raymond Castonguay, ESDI President and CTO

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Embedded Ch will relieve you from the burden of developing and maintaining a proprietary scripting language or interpreter. Enormous cost in personnel, hardware, software, development, testing, maintenance, system administration, and technical support can be saved. Because Ch is a C/C++ interpreter, your engineers do not need to learn a new scripting language or macro language. The time to market and efficiency you gained will outweigh your investment in Embedded Ch.

Key Benefits of Embedded Ch

  • Exceptional quality and reliability of the proven SoftIntegration Ch technology.

  • Implementation flexibility for development of powerful C/C++ solutions.

  • Conforming to the ISO C/C++ international standards.

  • Interoperable with SoftIntegration products and a large number of existing C/C++ code.

  • Consistent support on a broad range of platforms.

  • Cut development time and increase productivity.

  • Leverage your investment in existing applications and C/C++.
Sample Applications
Click here for more detailed application examples using Embedded Ch.
  • For ATE and CAM vendors, SOC, ICs, PCBs, RF, MEMs, LED devices and optical component, debugging and optimizing test programs is mainly carried out at the tester. Using C/C++ scripts speeds up the process, automate testing scenarios, and save tester training and maintenance costs and reduce release time. C/C++ scripts can access the memory directly and control test instruments, data collection, and text processing.
  • Add a C/C++ interpreter into your application by compiling and linking with the library of our Embedded Ch.
  • Extend your application by users through C/C++ scripts. Seamless easy interface with and callback binary C/C++ functions. A user can access and update any of entities in the application at will by running complete C/C++ scripts.
  • Enable on-the-fly programming without compiling and linking. C/C++ scripts can be generated and executed on the fly.
  • Add a C/C++ interepter to your hardware and software testing program. So quality assurance engineers are able to access binary C functions and C++ member functions from C/C++ testing scripts.
  • Let users to provide their own formulas and mathematical expressions in the familiar C syntax to your application.
  • Customize your product to the need of your customers. You can add extra functionality to your programs for specific customers without changing your standard product. Using C/C++ scripts, executed at the defined points from your application, you are able to implement customer specific behaviours.
  • Use C/C++ scripts to configure different characters and the level of difficulty of games. With Embedded Ch run time license control, it makes you easy to manage the license control in the end user's side.