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Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008 Powered by Embedded Ch

Visual Chip 2008 from Numerical Innovations LLC is a powerful mask editor for the designers of IC, MEMs, Microwave/RF circuits, and optical components to produce high-resolution masks. Visual Chip includes all the features of Visual Chip-Inspector plus a full-array of editing and drawing tools, Silicon Wafer Editor, Step & Repeat, Polygon De-Embedding, Tile Wizard, and much more. Visual Chip can be used by any designer, engineer, or FA (Failure Analyst) who wants to view & plot physical layouts as quickly as possible with as many features as possible. Visual Chip-Inspector reads GDSII, OASIS, & LEF/DEF files; includes Rulers, Measure & Query tools, Red-Line Markup, Layer Sorting, customizable technology files, XOR Cell & Layer comparison. Advanced features include Metal Area Calculation, Tiling of GDSII into smaller sections for individual processing, GDSII Area Extraction, Extract Net from GDSII, Query & Highlight Nets. Visual Chip-Inspector can also display IC microscope images in the background of the editor window to help with reverse engineering, plus generate details reports, and much more!

"I was pleasantly surprised to find out how simple Embedded Ch was to implement inside our software products Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008. Embedded Ch is well documented and within a few hours we were able to create our own custom API's, compared to Python which took us weeks. I would recommend Embedded Ch to anyone looking to embed a C scripting language into their software product."

Simon Garrison --- CEO, Numerical Innovations LLC.

Fab It! 2008 from Numerical Innovations LLC is a "Full-Featured" and Customizable CAM software package for the PCB industry. It can be used to run DRC/DFM verification, edit and output data, extract nets, merge gerber files, write customized scripts & macros, and perform many other useful features. Fab It! 2008 gives designers everything needed to get from Design to Fabrication to Assembly.

Embedded Ch allows designers to write custom scripts in C/C++ and full applications that run directly inside Visual Chip and Fab It! 2008; excellent for assembly programming & many other PCB solutions. It greatly increases the productivity!

Below is a sample application of Fab It! 2008.

Example of Fab It! 2008 powered by Embedded Ch